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Stigma Study Around Infertility

Fertility research and VHI campaign - Lets talk about Fertility launched!

One in five believe that women should have children.

One in ten are too embarrassed to admit there is a problem!

One in six will have fertility issues of which one third relate to the man and one third to the woman, with the remainder due to problems with both partners or unexplained causes.

Sixteen per cent chance of conceiving each month through regular unprotected sex.

Eighty-Five per cent of couples conceive naturally within the first year.

The average ovulation cycle is between days 28 - 32

A woman is born with ONE million eggs, and 300 - 400 eggs are actually used when ovulating!

From age 36 years on, fertility starts to decline in women and men from age 48.

A survey was carried out by the VHI and found that:
  • 28% Plan to start a family between age 31- 35
  • 45% hope to have two children. 27% want three children, 6% want four children.
  • 55% hope to have no problems conceiving and 5% worry there may be difficulties in conceiving!
  • 41% of men found it difficult to discuss fertility issues v' 29% women
  • 44% of men were not happy to discuss fertility issues with family v's 16% women.
  • One in Twelve adults aged 25-50 had fertility treatment.
  • 69% of women and 55% of men knew someone who had undergone fertility treatment.
VHI medical director, Dr Bernadette Carr, said the research showed that discussion of fertility issues was still taboo in Ireland and that needed to change.

Did you know! It takes 72 days for a man's sperm to completely regenerate, but just 8% of individuals aged 25 to 50 knew that.

For a full review, please visit The research was published yesterday to coincide with VHI's campaign, Let's Talk About Fertility.

Source: Irish Examiner

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