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Hi Aisling, I came to see you in preparation for a cycle of IVF. I'm happy to share that I'm now almost 15 weeks pregnant. I also want to thank you for the relaxed early pregnancy audio that you gave me too! It's working really well in keeping me relaxed and enjoying my pregnancy! I was a little anxious at first, but once I started listening to your relaxing voice, I'm finding that each week I get more confident and relaxed. I want to thank you for the fertility work you did with me. I find I use relaxation techniques frequently. Things are going really well and I have told my girlfriends about you. Thanks again Andre

I don't know where to begin! After trying to get pregnant for over 12 years, living off fertility forums, ovulation kits, and having exhausted all avenues, with no causes of infertility. We have done it! We have a miracle on board, I still can't believe it, and I still don't know how it happened. What I do know though is that you were instrumental in helping me release all the unresolved emotions and negativity I had accumulated over the years in trying to get pregnant and I do think that this was what was in the way of me conceiving. I am lost for words on how to thank you. Marian - Celbridge

"I am writing to tell you my news!! The IVF Cycle and procedure went well, it has all worked and I am now pregnant would you believe, I am still a little in shock as I have no symptoms yet either but I have my 7wk scan and I am REALLY looking forward to that along with experiencing pregnancy signs" A very happy mum to be. Lynda - Wicklow

Having experienced a birth trauma with my first child I experienced unexplained secondary infertility. I came to Aisling to get some help in processing my trauma and 3 months later, here I am pregnant. Thank you so much Aisling for such gentle support in helping me through some difficult memories that I am happy to say are now gone. I do wish I'd come sooner and that more people could know about your services in helping people conceive Abbey, Swords Co. Dublin

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