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Pregnancy success after Miscarriage I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help in helping me through the grief of several miscarriages, through a successful pregnancy and not to mention an amazing Hypnobirthing Pregnancy and Birth! I can not begin to describe or explain how much you helped me. You are amazing and unique! Our sessions were of enormous help in us having a beautiful baby boy now. I have been singing your praises to all my friends. With grateful thanks Elizabeth

Three miscarriages and here I am with a beautiful healthy and happy baby girl and mummy too! Aisling, you helped me move mountains of emotional hurt that I honestly could not have done without your guidance and support. You brilliantly helped me to work through each miscarriage, as they were all so different along with grief and loss so that by the time I felt done, I was ready to conceive again safely! I also wanted to thank you for helping me through my pregnancy, too, as it made a world of difference and my birth was just amazing, and the hospital staff were very supportive. Forever indebted Susan

After trying for five years and miscarrying we finally made it Aisling. Thank you, as you were instrumental in helping me and my husband. We had a great pregnancy because you helped me feel safe and secure within myself, which is something that i had lost sight of for a long time. I call you my angel of babies! much appreciation and love, Aileen

I remember sitting with you Aisling, and the flood gates just opened, the emotion was so strong and felt like a tsunami of grief came crashing out of me, and you just held the space, I still don't know how you did it! You helped me so much, as I knew that I had to address my trauma before I became pregnant, and I just wanted to let you know that I have recently given birth to a beautiful daughter. She's perfect in every way. Thank you so much, Aisling. Samantha 

Aisling I came to you to help me through my baby's stillbirth, as I was so afraid of becoming pregnant again and having to go through what I experienced. You were amazing in helping me shed my fears and worries along with dealing so gently with the loss of my baby girl. I now have a beautiful healthy son and YES, pregnant again ( unexpectedly) and looking forward to having a baby brother, sister for my daughter. I'll touch base soon so that I can be as ready and prepared for my baby's birth. Much Love, Karen

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