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Wow! we did it, his nibs and myself are finally pregnant. I can't believe the levels of stress we were both under.
I listened to the Fertility audio downloads religiously and hey presto! Natural fertility worked! I will make sure I continue to look after myself well as the months unfold and please can you send me on the information on Hypnosis for Childbirth, as I know it will be good to keep me calm for 9 months!!! I can't wait to see my little one! Big Hug – your amazing Aisling. Hilary – Lucan

After being diagnosed with Endometriosis, having suffered a miscarriage, 4 years trying to conceive, I was really at my wit's end. Following a newspaper article about Aisling on Hypnobirthing, I meet with Aisling for 2 sessions, and we worked on getting pregnant with enhancing my natural Fertility. That same month I met with Aisling, I conceived and am due to give birth shortly. I can't thank Aisling enough for this wonderful gift of impending motherhood that I'm about to be given. Miriam from Connaught

Thank you for making our dreams come true. After 3 miscarriages, we gave birth at 38 weeks of pregnancy to our beautiful daughter. I would never have got here without you. Your help was instrumental and invaluable in helping me conceive our precious miracle naturally. She sleeps all night since she was born. Thanks again. Marian - Dublin

The egg donation was a success. I'm delighted to say that our little son is now 7 months and doing really really well. I would just like to thank you again for all your help and support. Of all the things I did to increase our chance of success, I believe the hypnosis relaxation tracks to be the most effective. Leading up to and after the transfer, I listened to the tracks every night, and I really feel it was a powerful process. I'm hoping to do another IVF transfer later this year, and I'm already looking forward to start listening to the tracks again. Sincere thanks, Emily - Meath

Aisling, after failed egg donation, we were very lucky to conceive naturally, and now have a very healthy boy! Despite all the heartache and worry, you helped me through all the emotional ups and downs using hypnosis along with dealing with helping me put away a lot of past baggage, which was a vital link in our success in getting pregnant!
I am so glad I came to see you. Anna – Dublin

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