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It's taken a little longer than I hoped to say thank you as a new little man is pretty demanding of my attention these days!
Thank you so much for your help in delivering him into our lives. Having gone through numerous fertility treatments I came to you in a not so good state.

Immediately I felt at ease in your company and your work with me really made me believe this could still happen. I began to feel more relaxed, confident and positive about this journey. Your technique of visualising holding my baby in my arms is now my reality and what a joy it is. The methods you thought at the hypnotherapy sessions proved invaluable during my delivery.

In the end, I had a caesarean but by using the breathing techniques I was able to remain calm when all around me was chaos! Even the anaesthetist commented on how unusually calm I was. So, go raibh mile maith agat for helping us through all our difficulties, in conceiving and bringing us to what is now simply of times :-) Pamela, Mike and Mark

We were trying for a baby for several years with no joy. So I Googled " Trying To Get Pregnant" and found Aisling Killoran! Little did I know how much of a role Aisling's support had in helping me have a baby! From conceiving naturally, supporting me and Frank through Pregnancy and attending Hypnobirthing along with having an amazing birth! Amy & Frank - Kildare

Secondary Infertility!

I had my first baby in 2008 and conceived with no problem at all. However, attempts at getting pregnant second child round failed over a four-year period without any apparent reason. I tried pretty much everything, two rounds of IVF, homoeopathy, kinesiology, acupuncture, and reflexology during this time. I was devastated and had pretty much given up all hope when a friend recommended seeing Aisling Killoran.

I called Aisling immediately, willing to try anything. After my fourth session with Aisling, we agreed I should pick up a pregnancy test on the way home. I did it the next morning, and you could not imagine my sheer joy when I saw a smiley face looking up at me. My husband and I were happy beyond words. The first person I called was Aisling to tell her the good news. I'm not sure I can ever explain properly what happened in our sessions, but she helped me offload a lot of emotional baggage! It worked and for me was nothing short of a miracle.

I have also since done a few hypnobirthing sessions with Aisling, and I have found her recordings so relaxing in helping me sleep and preparing me for the birth of my second child. My baby was also breech, and Aisling gave me an audio turn baby turn- and it worked too!

I recommend Aisling Killoran to anyone having problems in conceiving. The impact she has goes far beyond the issue you might be trying to address. She is a wonderful person who has an amazing impact on the people she works with. Shirley - Dublin

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