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Approx six years ago, I went to see you as I was desperately trying to conceive my second child. I had two failed IUI attempts and was waiting for news of my third attempt and expecting bad news. I had two sessions with you! Anyway, thankfully becoming pregnant was the best news I could have hoped for. My third IUI worked, and I now have the most wonderful 5-year old daughter. I have meant to get in touch with you all this time, but you know yourself, how other things often get in the way! Thank you again for your help and support during that very stressful time in my life! Regards Marcella

I'm getting in contact because I wanted to share some good news with you. You might remember that I attended your clinic a few months ago, so you could help me relax and get pregnant. Well, I'm delighted to report that Amy is now 16 weeks pregnant – naturally and all healthy with pregnancy! We got a huge and fantastic shock when we found out! Without a doubt, you had a significant role to play in this, so we can't thank you enough!!!!! I'm obviously a huge fan of what you do and would like to attend in January to help accomplish one or two other positive changes, hopefully! Kevin, Photographer- Dublin

Hey, Aisling You have been on my mind as I want to give you some great news. I am pregnant and now at twenty weeks of pregnancy and everything is going really well for me. I am having a great pregnancy and enjoying every minute of it. As I look back, I can not believe how much stress I was under when I first met you. I listened religiously each night to the recordings you gave me, and I have to say I loved the track on Preparing to conceive. Thank you for encouraging me to do that tapping stuff too! It was funny to do yet amazingly effective in getting rid of my negative beliefs. Can you send me some information on Hypnobirthing as myself and my partner would like to join the classes you run? Margaret with the baby on board - Wicklow

Aisling, I can't thank you enough for making our lifelong dream come through! After six years of trying to conceive and two failed IVF's we are pregnant and expecting a baby girl.

I was reluctant in contacting you after a girlfriend of mine suggested that I seek emotional help from you.
In a million years, I would never have thought that my emotions might be in the way of conceiving!!
I remember sitting in front of you, and I still can't believe the emotional content that I spilled out – along with me saying "help me get pregnant" it was quite startling.

Anyway, I just wanted to connect and thank you from the bottom of my heart as I firmly believe seeking help from you made the difference in us being successful in conceiving naturally! I would never have thought that my emotions were in the way of me getting pregnant! Amy-Kildare

"After twelve years we have done it! You were instrumental in helping me release all the unresolved emotions and negativity accumulated over the years in trying to get pregnant." Marian 

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