The Fertility Companion

Are you looking to Conceive?

Is your fertility Journey proving to be an exhausting one?

Do the tests, late night research and medical appointments feel like a second job? Look no further as the fertility companion is dedicated to those looking to conceive!

Ruth McKenna is an inspirational lady, Nutritional Therapist, Yoga teacher and coach for women looking to conceive, who go on the journey of fertility investigations and treatment. Her Fertility Companion provides evidence-based, compassionate support to women who are often overwhelmed, isolated and exhausted as they struggle to navigate the journey without losing their health or their sanity!

Ruth McKenna has been on her own fertility journey, has thrived, knows how it feels and will take you on a journey that supports each client so that they are fertility fit and ready for pregnancy.

Registration is open now and early bird offers are available.

"The Fertility Companion" is a 6 week online programme, dedicated to supporting you on your fertility journey. When you sign up, Ruth will be here as your guide, shining a light on the path ahead and offering much-needed support, wisdom and reliable advice. As well as having a companion in her, the course will help you on a number of levels, to Optimise your Fertility, Nourish Your Relationships and be your companion!

Check out Ruth McKenna and her Fertility Companion six-week online programme.


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