Dublin’s Rotunda Hospital

Fertility Clinic Sold

The acquisition - which will formally take place on 1 January 2015 - will see HARI Clinic acquired by another Dublin-based fertility clinic, in which Australian firm Virtus Health is a majority shareholder.

As part of the deal Virtus will pay €4.2m, with SIMS Clinic putting forward the remaining €1.8m of the acquisition price.

Virtus said that HARI and SIMS clinics would work closer together following the deal, while also sharing expertise and best practice with its main backer.

The Rotunda Hospital, meanwhile, said it would put the proceeds of the sale towards its relocation plan, which would see it co-locate with an acute adult facility in the coming years.

Virtus Health has assured patients that they will not see any change in their treatment programme following the formal takeover.

It also said that the business would continue to operate on the grounds of the Rotunda Hospital for the foreseeable future.

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