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aislingI have a pretty good idea of how much you want a baby, just the fact that you have googled / searched and read our home page proves that your heart and soul are 100% committed to being a wonderful mother. You owe it to your self to take charge of your emotions, maximise your fertility and address the emotional side of fertility so that you consider all the options.

Aisling is well versed in the emotional aspects of fertility and is one of Ireland’s leading Hypnofertility and Hypnobirthing Experts in supporting couples maximise their fertility in achieving the best state of mind/ body connection to prepare for natural conception, Pregnancy and birth along with helping women undergo IVF, IUI, ICSI, and other medical procedures.

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happy coupleNatural Fertility support by Improving Your Mental Health

Multiple studies have shown how unregulated Natural Fertility Stress and Anxiety may be extremely detrimental to one's fertility:

The presence of stress significantly reduces the probability of conception during every day of the fertile window. Furthermore, as stress levels increase, the likelihood of fertilization decreases.

Higher levels of mental stress are associated with a longer time-to-pregnancy, increasing one's Risk of Infertility.

happy coupleMaintaining positive moods and outlooks have been correlated with increased chances of delivering a live baby.

Meditation, Mindfulness and Infertility, yoga, massage, time with friends? Find whatever works to decrease your stress levels and stick to it. Infertility is rarely caused by just a single factor. More often, it is a combination of many factors like exhaustion, poor nutrition, stress and sub-par menstrual cycles that create a kind of sub-clinical syndrome that has no name other than "unexplained infertility. The good news is that each and every one of those factors are completely correctable. It just takes a bit of detective work to identify which areas can be improved, and a plan with simple, repeatable steps, to address those factors. A little effort, just the smallest baby steps, really can go a long, long way. Source: Huffington Post


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